My cat’s secret to relaxation and productivity

Do you ever feel that you mind is so cluttered that it slows down your productivity? I often feel that way and I always am saying how jealous I am of my pets. They are always so relaxed yet seem to have energy when they want it. I’m an advocate of self-study. I tell students in my “Writing Moms” class to journal and study what tasks they are best at during various times of day. So I’m actually ashamed that I didn’t think to study my pets, especially my cat, Beast earlier.

Today I’m feeling pretty awesome and productive. What has made today so good? Well I copied my cat and squeezed a “cat” nap into my schedule right after lunch. Okay, to be clear, I’m always wanting to nap but with so much on my daily goal list that desired nap rarely happens. Today I gave in to sleep for just 30 minutes. After the nap I got moving slowly with reading emails and then moved into some stretches, which Beast happily weaved in and out of my legs during. The result? I feel amazing! I think just that half an hour of resting my mind gave me a boost that my body craved. I am definitely going to try and do this more often.

A sleeping Beast AKA our cat

A sleeping Beast AKA our cat

Next I’m setting my hourglass timer and diving into a writing sprint. I predict it too will be productive considering how I’m feeling. Maybe naps aren’t such a bad idea for busy people. There is a lot of information on the web about this topic and depending on what you read the source is for or against naps. Like all things I think the key is finding out what works best for you and making that happen.

Taking breaks through the day certainly helps our cat Beast. While he is napping now I know that soon he’ll be racing around the house, diving off furniture and playing Spiderman with our drapes. Everything is relative – to him that is being productive.

Do you take a daily nap or take time to rest your mind?

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