Pause that…Don’t ignore Thanksgiving and other things

Now that Halloween is over the whole world seems to be obsessed with looking towards Christmas but hello, what about Thanksgiving? Yes, as I’m inundated with Black Friday preview and countdown emails I’m trying my best to raise a child who enjoys Thanksgiving and sees it for more than being a necessary step to Christmas. I just about cracked up when one of my girl friends said, “pause that thought” when another friend kept talking about Christmas. I do think it’s easy in many aspects of our lives to get caught up in stuff and forget to pause and acknowledge what is going on just in front of us.

So this is floating around Pinterest and is so true. Too funny!

So this is floating around Pinterest and is so true. Too funny!

This happens to me a lot with my writing. I get caught up in something and forget or just avoid working on a scene that needs to happen in order to get to the really fun scene I want to work on. I also love writing a synopsis. Yes, you heard me! However, a synopsis isn’t much use to me if I’m not ready to submit the story.

So I’m a big believer in the reward system. I try to focus on what needs to be done and then reward myself later with what I want to do. This works for work and also my personal life. Okay, yes I want to plan out our Elf on the Shelf’s upcoming activities (yes, I’m that kind of mom) but I know it’s important to teach Little Miss Markey about Thanksgiving. So each day we’re focusing on something we are thankful for. We’re talking about it or him/her and making cards about what we are thankful for. After that is done then we can read the Elf on the Shelf book and get excited about our little visitor coming soon.

So don’t forget to pause and look at what is right in front of you and needing attention. One thing is for certain, we’re always moving forward. To all those Christmas fanatics, you won’t miss it. Christmas is coming but pay some attention to Thanksgiving.

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