Writing through frustration

We all go through times of frustration in our lives. I’m going through a rough time right now, which I won’t go into but it is being a very awakening experience. At first I went through the lack of focus stage and nothing was getting accomplished. That is getting better everyday but now my whole approach has changed.

I’m now on the overdrive stage where I’m cranking out project after project. My latest YA edits are nearly done and I’m almost done editing all the recital music. Some days lately I’ve felt like superwoman and it feels great. It definitely eases frustration and I feel accomplished getting things done.

I still think the trick to all issues regarding time management is balance. I’m an active person who gets bored quickly so it helps me to balance my time between my writing and my dance business. Of course family comes first, I’m just discussing work balance in this post.

I turn to the brilliance of great minds to help me through frustration or when I get into a rut. I love motivational quotes and find inspiration in them. I think it is important to create a workspace and living space that inspires and motivates. Everyone needs and deserves a boost sometimes, why not create an environment that works for you and not against you?

Source: Addicted2Success.com

Source: Addicted2Success.com

I also think blogging is helpful. Right now while I’m getting my life back together I like to think that people are reading what I write and may find comfort in it. Everyone goes through rough times. I believe this and I do not feel alone. I hope that when I write about how I’m coping and how I’m meeting (and hopefully succeeding) time management/ productiveness struggles that I’m helping someone out there.

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