Happy Mommy New Year

Happy New Year!!!! Yes, I realize it may seem like I’m a little behind BUT in a big way (well to many of us) I’m just in time. January 1 would be a wonderful day to start fresh and dive into my New Year goals if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s a holiday, in fact everyday has been a “holiday” for me since December 17- when my daughter started winter break. Tomorrow she goes back to school and we all resume a normal routine. So tomorrow, that first school day in 2016 marks my New Year and is my official start date to my New Year goals.

Happy Mommy New Year!!!

So you may have been wondering if I got lost in my part of the desert (I live in Saudi if you’re new to this blog) or if I gave up on blogging? The answer is no and well…pretty close. A little backstory- I use to credit myself at being pretty good at focusing and juggling many irons in the fire. I even lectured on the topic on “Writing Moms (and Dads!).” I have over 5,000 published articles to my credit, a non-fiction book and a dance studio that I own and direct in the Middle East. I accomplished most of this while raising my daughter and a growing sum of adorable furry babies (their stories deserve a separate blog post.) Basically my life was pretty wonderful. Then I delivered our second daughter, stillborn at 27 weeks in my pregnancy. This hit me hard, as I’m sure it has anyone who has experienced such an ordeal. All focus flew out the window. Dance was easier to work on as it was physical and got me to move. By the time I was able to sit and write again without zoning out I found out I was expecting again, this time with a little boy. For a little over 7 months stress and worry took over again and out went my ability to focus and write. I delivered a healthy yet premature baby boy at 33 weeks. He is now a little over 3 months old and just perfect.

During this extreme stress rollercoaster I came close to giving up on writing especially when my lack of focus only caused me more stress. However, when I stopped to take a step back that is when I realized how much I love writing and how much I wanted it back. So while this time of no progress at first left me feeling extremely frustrated it did prove something very important- I love to write and I missed it.

2014 was Hell, 2015 gave me a baby boy and now 2016 is going to be the year of me. I’m not in anyway insinuating that I’m going to ignore my family. I love my family and they come first. However, now my family is complete, even the furry ones for now. My personal life feels right and settled. It’s time to get “me” back and focus on my goals. I am a writer. A part of that died when I lost my daughter and I intend to get it back this year.

So my 2016 goals are:

  1. Get back into writing and finally finish two of my projects before RWA this summer.
  2. Waste less food/time by preparing meals ahead of time.
My babies, Little Miss Markey and the new Baby Markey!

My babies, Little Miss Markey and the new Baby Markey!

As I return to blogging I plan to continue to write about my interests: Writing, dance (yep I like being creative,) family, pets, being an American in the Middle East, and whatever comes to my mind. I will give updates on my writing progress and will be happy to share any great meals that were easy to prepare ahead.

Life changes. Mine certainly has but for the first time in a long time I can say that I am happy. The only area of my life that I’m not happy in is my writing and this year I plan to change that.

Time changes our lives even if a tragedy doesn’t. This is something I mentioned in all my lectures. Now I’m experiencing it and it’s time for me, as I told many students, to reevaluate my process and find out what time management/techniques work for me now in 2016.

As my renewed journey of writing continues I have a question for anyone reading this. What process or techniques have you used when trying to get back into something? How did you find your “groove” again when you thought you lost it?

Happy to be blogging again and I’m wishing you all a very Happy “Mommy” New Year! 🙂

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