Where to start?

In my last post I outlined my goals for 2016:

  1. Get back into writing and finally finish two of my projects before RWA this summer.
  2. Waste less food/time by preparing meals ahead of time.

Now here’s the BIG question…where to start? Sadly due to life I had to take time off from writing but I missed it each day. Now I’m back and while exciting I must admit I’m a little nervous and overwhelmed. So, where do I start? All I can discuss in this blog is what I’m doing. I’m not lecturing or offering advice because I’m of no authority to do so but I’m hoping I’m not alone and I’m hoping others reading this will chime in on the discussion.Jan 13 - Where to Start

I’ve decided to take advice from Julie Andrews and “start at the very beginning.” Yes, the Sound of Music is often played at our house and this does sound like a great place to start. With my “Mommy New Year” this week I’ve started reading/revising a chapter a day of my current WIP. For starters this is a great way for me to review the story and I’m quickly falling in love again. It’s a wonderful feeling when I can sit back and actually be amazed at what I’ve done even if it was a while ago.

To force myself to recommit to my writing I’m:
1.) Taking an online class, “New Year, New You” with Laurie Schnebly Campbell; one of my favorite teachers.
2.) I’m rereading one of my favorite writing books “Warrior Writer: From Writer to Published Author” by Bob Mayer.
3.) I’m sticking to my daily goal of reading a chapter of my WIP a day. Sometimes this means I’m pulling a later night to get through it but hey, I’m a mom to a new baby so sleep isn’t really part of my life now anyway.
4.) I’m limiting my social media intake to just my favorites, the people who really inspire me like Kristen Lamb’s blog.

These are my four tactics to getting back to my writing and I’m willing to reevaluate them based on how I see I’m doing. I use to preach about the importance of flexibility in my “Writing Moms (and Dads too)” lectures/workshops. Now it’s time to listen to my own advice and be a student to many of my own principles.

Have you had to take a writing break? How did you get back into your groove? Please share in a comment or let’s chat @NatalieCMarkey.

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