My tale of two puppies and how they help me write

Here I am pregnant with my son and with my daughter, Little Miss Markey and Princess Belle and Chewbacca. Note: I can no longer hold these puppies!

Here I am pregnant with my son and with my daughter, Little Miss Markey and Princess Belle and Chewbacca. Note: I can no longer hold these puppies!

Even though the last year was a really bad one to say the least, some good did happen. If you followed me before my hiatus then you know how much I love my pets. In fact, Oscar my dog inspired my first published book, “Caring For Your Special Needs Dog.” A little back story first – we have Oscar, who my husband and I got in graduate school. When he was a year old he was diagnosed with severe epilepsy and it’s been a struggle ever since. Then Oscar found two bunnies only about 2 weeks old drowning in an Arkansas flood. I rescued them with intentions of reintroducing them to the wild but they became totally spoiled and domesticated before we could do so. Next came Beast, a Siamese mix cat whose picture I fell in love with here in Saudi. I’ve never had a cat and let’s just say he’s spoiled me for the species in the future.

So our “inn” is very full but I obviously love pets and dogs are my favorite. A puppy is hard to get here so when our friends said they were going to breed their Labradors I instantly said we were in. Life went on as we all waited for the dogs to be at a healthy age to breed and in the meantime we lost our second daughter. Life was hard and the thought of a puppy in the future made the whole family smile on those hard days.

I saw the ultrasound when we confirmed the mommy dog was expecting. It was amazing especially since at that point I also was expecting again. We waited and then one night my friend called me, pup one had been delivered. We rushed over and witnessed the next 6 puppies being born. It was AMAZING!! Of all the puppies there was one girl, the yellow lab our daughter had prayed for- Princess Belle was born!

Over the next few weeks my daughter and I went to help care for the puppies several times a day. We loved them all but then they had such wonderful parents, how could we not? I fell for a large, chocolate boy who we named Chewbacca. At final decision week we learned that we would be able to get the pair of them and then we began training two Labrador puppies, Princess Belle (yes, she goes by her full name as Little Miss Markey demands) and Chewbacca. They are a challenge but pure joy!

Now some of you may think I’m insane but this is the BEST DECISION I’VE MADE FOR MY WRITING. That’s right, while some people may find peace in painting or sewing or [Fill in the blank] I find peace in my furry babies. When I get stuck on a scene or feel overwhelmed in my daily goal list, I turn to a furry baby to hug and seek support. I love seeing their personalities interact and how they grow differently even under exact circumstances. These babies help me despite the time they do take up.

So what (even if it seems crazy) do you turn to for help through hard times or to just make your day a little happier?

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