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Your baby may be your best critique partner

I’m currently swimming in pages as I’m hard at work revising my WIP; it’s a YA paranormal (and no it doesn’t involve vampires.) I wrote this story a while back but now I’m revising while taking care of my 4-month-old son. I also have a 5-year-old daughter but I’m constantly amazed at how much I forgot about being a parent to a baby. For the purposes of this blog I’m only going to keep my findings to how my baby impacts my writing. I’m sure there’s a slew of amazing parenting blogs to check out. As far as my writing goes my baby has made a most positive impact.

No I’m not crazy. Babies are time consuming. However, babies are also a great sounding board. I’ve just finished reading through my entire WIP and there is this one crucial part towards the beginning that just doesn’t seem right to me. It’s a dialogue sequence and it seems forced yet the info is important. I know people preach about how great it is to read aloud but this has never worked for me. I’ve tried it and I either get distracted or feel stupid. I think I like to read how I normally read, which is playing the scene out in my head. However, now I have the perfect listener who doesn’t interrupt me and smiles at everything I say! Yep, babies are awesome.

One of the reasons I write is because of my children. I love stories and I have wonderful stories in my head so I write for my children. I write upper middle grade and YA so currently these stories aren’t being read by my kindergartener or my 4-month-old but one day they will be. For now though I can read to my baby and at the very least it will help me get this dialogue section to flow. Now reading to a 5 year old I do NOT recommend. After every sentence I hear, “why?” Yes that may be a valid question and a question that can often help our writing but a YA character’s motivations are clearly out of the comprehension of a kindergartener so this only brings me frustration.

Do you read to your baby? Does it help you?

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