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Something new…

In addition to my New Year’s goals of getting back to writing and eating cleaner/more efficiently I’m also setting out to learn something new. Yes, even with my busy schedule and a newborn I’ve really had this urge to shake things up a little and branch out. So this month I’ve started to play tennis. Why tennis? Well I like the outfits. Yep I’m that girl!

Let me back things up a bit. I’ve never played a sport that involves a ball in my entire life. I’ve never hit a ball or held a tennis racket, baseball bat, lacrosse stick, etc. in my ENTIRE LIFE. I do dance close to 30 hours a week and run a dance studio so I do consider myself to be in good shape but for me, you can’t get much more “new” than this.

I must say though (and I hope my partner feels the same) that I’m not the big laugh that I thought I would be. Apparently I have an awesome back swing and great footwork. tennis picWhile yes this is taking time away from writing or revising I will say I’m feeling empowered and find that when I am before my computer my writing flows better than it did before tennis. Maybe it’s the added exercise or rather a different kind of exercise or maybe it’s that feeling of setting out to do something and feeling accomplished when you’ve done it.

A warning though, when you try a new physical activity you will discover muscles you never knew you had. That’s right. I take pride in how many dance stretches I do a day to be able to attempt to keep up with my younger and super flexible students but OMG the left side of my butt HURTS! If you’re looking to get your butt (literarily your derriere) in shape then take up tennis because I am feeling the burn. Maybe this is the kick in the butt I needed to get myself into my chair and at my keyboard.

I think it’s fun and empowering to try something new. I love my job as a dance instructor and a writer. Both professions keep me busy and then I add an active family to that, well…life is never boring. However, it’s a nice reminder that we are never too old to take up a new hobby and take a chance on something new. It’s exciting, nerve-wracking and takes us out of our comfort zone but I LIKE IT!

When have you tried something new and what was it? Did you stick with it?

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