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Where did January go?

And it’s February. Seriously? Are we ready for this? I always love January and how full of excitement it is as we tackle our New Year’s resolutions. February can often seem like a let down but evaluate where you are so far in 2016 as I do the same.

My 2016 goals are:
1. Get back to writing and finish/send my two WIP.
2. Eat cleaner and more efficiently.
3. Learn something new.

No I have not finished my two WIP’s or sent them off but it’s only February. I have read through and identified some trouble areas I need to fix and mapped out a plan on a calendar to make this happen. While reading my work I realized that wow, I’m pretty good. This gave me the motivational boost I needed to really tackle this goal.

As part of my writing goals I had also planned to blog twice a week. Last week showed me the need to forgive myself when that can’t happen. One of the many difficulties of living where I do is that the internet isn’t always reliable. However, I will say while my social media goals didn’t happen last week I can say I got a lot accomplished on my WIP. This taught me to look to what I can do and control when a goal becomes unreachable due to circumstances I can’t control.

Number 2 is off to a good start as well despite the fact that my oh-so organized grocery lists are often hard to find here in the Middle East. It’s difficult to make a list when you never know what will be at the store! I have saved loads of time and money in prepping “dump dinners” in advance on the weekends. This essentially helps me with both my first and second goals of the year.

Feb 1 - Where did January goI’ve already blogged some about my number 3. I’ve started tennis lessons and it’s so much fun. Seriously how could hitting something (and it’s acceptable to do so) not be an effective stress reliever?

While yes the first of February may be a wake up call to get going on those New Year’s goals it’s also important to take a deep breath and look at what you’ve done. We have 11 more months to get this right!

How are you doing with your New Year’s goals? Feeling overwhelmed? Try to look at it month by month. This outlook helps me!

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