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The Post Pregnancy Shopping Experience

I went clothes shopping recently and it was both an exciting and nerve wracking experience. It’s been almost two years since I’ve bought any non-maternity clothes. Now that our family is complete and I’ve lost the baby weight, we trekked across the Saudi/Bahrain causeway to spend the weekend near beaches and better malls.

While there are many advantages and fun experiences to living abroad, clothes shopping is not one of them. For one thing very few of the stores here are American brands. Don’t get me wrong, the stores are great but they are all European brands and sizes. I just got down the whole converting the exchange rate so you can imagine my fear of the size difference. While in some stores in the U.S. I am a consistent 4, I’m a consistent nothing in the sizing here and EVERYTHING must be tried on so shopping takes a long time.

A big plus here is that few people get out until lunchtime and after. This means that with some planning (and hey the kids have us up around 5am every morning anyway) we can cover a lot of shopping ground before the crowds grow.

While getting a mostly new wardrobe was exhausting it was thrilling considering it was so long overdo. Now to start figuring out what I’ll wear this summer at the RWA San Diego conference.

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A stuffed animal crisis

So apparently butterflies are scary. Just kidding but what I’m now referring to as the “butterfly crisis” has taught us to miss the ease of shopping at physical stores even though the holiday crowds can get tiresome.

Some things we’ve had to adjust to now that we live in Saudi Arabia is that there are some items that we cannot buy here. If you are a mommy, then you’ll feel my pain with this next statement. You cannot buy Fischer Price and quality stuffed animals are hard to come by. Yes, and of course Baby Markey LOVES anything Little People, which is by Fischer Price. And she loves Build-A-Bear. We do have relatively easy access to Build-A-Bear but of course she wants an exclusive stuffed butterfly from their workshop.

So there are some things that we do ship in. Last week we got an email that the stuffed butterfly in transit was taken into custody by customs in Kuwait. Apparently the toy had to travel through that country to get to us. It’s now been held by customs for over two weeks! Of course it wasn’t until this happened that I realized that bad people sometimes send certain items via stuffed toys.

Needless to say toy shopping for our daughter has become interesting as I track orders from Fischer Price and the stuffed butterfly in custody. Living overseas is a great way to get you to plan ahead when shopping and be thankful for what you can find here. Honestly, most everything we need is here. The malls are no different than where I shopped in Houston, TX. I do miss the Christmas sales but not the insane crowds lining up outside Toys R Us (and we do have one here.)

Many of you have questioned the shopping over here so I wanted to write about it to tell people I’m not haggling merchants on prices in a stereotypical Middle Eastern market. We do have that here (so I’ve been told) but I’ve yet to visit the area. Oh and fellow moms, be careful when shipping menacing stuffed animals. You never know when an x-ray machine won’t be enough and your child’s toy will be taken into custody. I just have visions of the butterfly sitting in a dark room with one spotlight being interrogated. Haha! Hopefully Baby Markey’s toy will make it here but until then I assure you she has many stuffed animals to keep her company.

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