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Waiting room writing: The best kept secret of the writing mom

Being a mom takes crazy schedule to a whole new level. Seriously, I just thought I was busy when I worked in NYC PR. However, the more I think about my days the more I recognize that I waste so much time. Think about it, being a mom is like being an ADHD track star. You run really fast and then stop, you run again feeling as if you’ll break yesterday’s records and then you stop, you race off to the next agenda item and then you stop, and that goes on and on. I feel like I’m constantly running but between the busy there is a large amount of still time.

I find time when stuck in the car pool lines. I find time when sitting in a hallway of a gymnastics class or dance class. Time is always available in my day it just takes the effort to identify it and take advantage of it.

While I know I can get so much done in such hidden moments the temptation to relax is always HUGE. So I find it easier to work if I make it easy. I always have pages to edit printed out and in my purse. I find it easier to grab physical paper when I have a moment than to look at a computer/iPad screen. Plus for me, editing needs to be active. Plus for me, editing needs to be active. By active I mean I cover my pages with color-coded highlights and notes.

Doctor offices are also a great site for writing and editing. When going to the doctor everyone spends more time waiting in the waiting room than seeing the doctor. So rather than reading generic magazines, I read my page edits.

So I covered car pools, kids activities, and doctor offices. I’m sure there are other examples of hidden wait time we should be taking advantage from. The important thing is identifying them and setting up a plan to quickly take advantage. While great moments of down time are around us knowing how to use them to their fullest takes planning and skill. The trick is to know how you work best and go with that. I mentioned how I prefer to hold physical pages. You may want to hold that electronic device. As long as you are taking advantage of the time and using the tactic that is best for you then it’ll be a success.

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