I love discovering new worlds and friends. When I was a little girl I would sit in a basket full of stuffed-animals in far corner of my closet wishing to find my way into Narnia. I never found Narnia but over the years I have created my own worlds. Below is a little bit about my works in progress and their status.

Destiny of Atlantis- (Beta Readers)

Sixteen-year-old Skyler has always been an outsider cursed (as she calls it) with the ability to communicate with animals. When an ancient signal is set off on her necklace due to an act of bravery, she finds that she is anything but safe or human. She’s the last in the lineage of rulers of Atlantis thanks to the bloody coup that destroyed her family.

With the help of the boy who saved her life once before—now practically a man—she’s on the run, trying to understand her past. Legends and myths come to life before Skyler as she tries to find her place and uncover a mole that is betraying her every move. Who can she trust? And can she fight the feelings that she is developing for her guide, the brother of her betrothed, prisoner-of-war fiancé?

Number 5- (WIP) The short story version of “Number 5” one the Scholastic Writing Contest in 1999. I had forgotten this adventure until a dream brought me back into this world.

In a dystopian future animals rule the world while the remaining humans waste away in zoo’s as reminders of the destruction they invoked during the great war. A thirteen-year-old boy Chance, known to the animals as Number 5, has secretly always dreamed of the “old ways” when humans weren’t held captive. When an old man begins telling him stories from the past, will Chance risk the life he has for the slight possibility of a better future? And what of the other humans in the zoo?

Black Ice- (Plotting)



One thought on “Fiction

  1. mliddle says:

    Hi Natalie –
    I am enjoying your website/blog. I hope you don’t mind: there is a typo in “Number 5 – (WIP). I think you meant to say “the short story version of “Number5″ WON [not one] the Scholastic…”

    I like the story idea. I hope that you are still working on this WIP because I think it will be a popular idea among animal lovers, environmentalists, allegorical story lovers, science fiction and anyone who enjoys any good metaphor!


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